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37 Mesnes Road,
Wigan, WN1 2DF

Thursday – Saturday
11am – 10:30pm

We think our heritage is pretty important (plus, everyone loves a good story), so here is a chapter of ours: Lily and Arthur are our grandparents! Having four children, our Mum stayed at home with us throughout our early years, and regardless of how tired she was, never failed to put a delicious home cooked meal on the dinner table. The extra special times, though, came when we stayed at our grandparents house.

Being lovers and ambassadors of good food themselves, Lily and Arthur, along with our parents, helped us to become appreciators of delectable baking and cooking. We would eat thick toast, lavished with only the best butter after sleepovers at their home, enjoy the flavour of a creative lunch, and often take away a jar of Grandad's treasured lemon curd to last until our next visit. Family recipes are to be savoured, which is why we take pride in using the original ingredients and methods of Arthur's lemon curd in our cakes today. To capture the soul of those memories, and share the experience with you is what we want to create through Lily & Arthur's.